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When it comes to locating a car dealership near you, it’s easy to be confused by other opinions. There shouldn’t be someone standing over you and dictating what kind of car you should get. No deserves to be bait-and-switched or pressured into buying a vehicle they didn’t want. We have a vision for the way our clients should feel while they experience buying or servicing their car with us. We want you all to feel comfortable. You should be able to talk about your thoughts and needs for finding your car. It is going to be your car after all, and you wouldn’t enjoy driving a vehicle with features that were made for someone else. As the leading dealer with an excellent selection of used cars in Milwaukee, we are ready to help you find the one car you want.

We are Ewald Automotive Group, and we have many car dealerships near you. That means between Wisconsin and Indiana; we have over 2,000 used cars for sale! You can come by anytime to talk to our team or bring up your questions and concerns. We don’t want car shopping to be stressful for you. That’s why our team has been trained to take their time with each customer. We want to know that we are answering your questions, so you know what you’re investing in and who to trust. If you’ve not decided on a vehicle brand or model yet, that is fine! Together we can tackle the idea of finding the right car you when you come in. Right now, we would love to give you a glimpse at our vehicles for sale in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Our Used Cars For Sale

An impressive used car for sale on our lot is a Certified 2018 Chevrolet Malibu LT. This car is in excellent condition, and we know that because it went through our GM Certifying tests. For us to GM Certify a vehicle, we have an essential 172 point inspection that is completed as soon as we receive the car. It consists of looking at the mechanics, exterior, and interior quality of the vehicle. If it passes our inspection, we know we can confidently sell this as a reliable sedan option for you. Because this such a newer year for a used car you still get all the exciting modern features of new vehicles today — functions like a remote start and a rear vision camera. You’ll be able to enjoy all autumns’ colors with the dual skyscape sunroof. Can you imagine feeling the warm breeze with the last of the summer sunshine? This car also has a state of the art safety features like tire pressure monitoring and braking assist. Another way we can take care of our customers is by offering you our limited powertrain warranties. It is a 72 month or 100,000 miles from the original in-service date, which means whichever one comes first.

We are excited to answer your questions and her you find the right car for sale in Wisconsin for you. Don’t hesitate to call us or stop by to set up an appointment.

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