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Ford Transit Vans

Are you in need of a cargo van to help you complete a work project? Most times, teams can be held up because they don’t have the vehicles that are optimized to help them with transportation. However, we have found that it can be difficult to find used work vans for sale near you with low mileage without a hefty price tag. If this sounds like a place that you and your staff are at, we know the kind of vehicle that will serve you well for hauling worksite equipment. Finding a van for sale priced between 23k - 26k won’t be difficult anymore!Our selection of Ford commercial vans is sure to impress you and your fellow staff members. When our sales team hears of someone needing a Ford cargo van, they have a few they know you can trust. The 2021 Ford Transit Vans have astonishing specs and details for your average work vehicle. Our team will take the time to ask you questions about the vehicle you want to buy because there are more options to choose from. If you pick a 2021 Transit Cargo, you get to choose some of the details for the van. It comes in three lengths, two wheelbases, three roof heights, and a choice of either a rear liftgate or split rear doors. You could have a trim level that is the half-ton 150, the three-quarter-ton 250, or the 1-ton 350! There are other models of the Ford Transit Vans, like the Transit Connect. The standard Transit Connect van will have two front seats and a configurable cargo area, where the SWB passenger one has a second-row bench seat. We make a point to understand your needs so we can help if you need five seats in a van.

GMC Cargo Vans

Another important thing you will want to look at with our sales team is m=how much mileage these Ford and used GMC work vans for sale have. When you are looking at pre-owned vans, you will notice that finding ones in the 8,000 - 20,000 mileage range are tough to come by. Our vehicles fit inside that mileage range and are priced around 23k - 26k. You are not only buying a vehicle that is reasonably priced, but you will also have peace of mind because you know they are safe and reliable.If you are instead in the market for GMC cargo vans, we can help you search through our stock. GMC has multiple models of work vans available, as well as the Savana and Safari. The Ford Savana is a van with an impressive option like a 4.3 Liter six-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic. These trim models will be more than adequate for hauling around light loads of equipment and materials. But if you are a buyer doing more significant hauling or towing, the eight-cylinder version could be the right option for you! It is one of the GMC cargo vans with a six Liter Vortec that can tow up to 10,000 pounds and shifts through a six-speed automatic. Regardless of the engine choice, the Savana is rear-wheel drive only and has excellent gas mileage. This is an exceptional amount of power and efficiency when you are looking to buy used GMC work vans between 23k - 26k. You can even ask about the mileage if you want to make sure the van has from 8,000 to 20,000 miles. If you have questions or want to know more details about these commercial work vans for sale, our staff is ready to help you!