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Shop Chevy & Ford Tuscany Trucks For Sale in the Franklin, Oconomowoc & Milwaukee WI Areas

As the Tuscany brand has built to be recognized and respected as a custom trucks company, they’re mission has stayed the same. Their mission is to design fun, expressive vehicles that make people happy. They want everyone of their customers to enjoy the drives in their performance trucks.

Ford Tuscany Lineup

Ford Custom Trucks

Tuscany offers a variety of performance packages for Ford trucks. The Ford F-150 has the most options including; Harley-Davidson, Shelby, FTX, Black Ops, and Tonka. The Ford F-150 has the FTX, Black Ops, and Tonka to be made into lifted trucks. The Super Duty can be made into its own custom truck with the FTX and Black Ops packages offered. All these performance trucks can be found at Ewald’s Hartford Ford and Ewald’s Venus Ford.
Chevrolet Tuscany Lineup

Chevrolet Custom Trucks

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 performance package options are the ZRX, Black Ops, and Badlander. Each will transform your already handsome truck into the lifted truck of your dreams. You can find these at Ewald Chevrolet Buick.

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