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Does Your Vehicle Have a Recall?

Even the most reliable and trusted manufacturers can make mistakes. These mistakes can sometimes find their way into your vehicle. There is no reason to panic! In this article, we will go over how to check your vehicle for recalls, what a recall is, and why they are important. At Ewald Automotive Group's Milwaukee car dealers, we care about the safety of our drivers. We will make it easy to check your vehicle for recalls and get them fixed!

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Vehicle Recalls

Are you wondering how you can check your vehicle for recalls? How can you tell if your vehicle needs parts replaced? Ewald Automotive Group's Milwaukee car dealers can make it easy! Ewald's Milwaukee car dealers have offered reliable, trustworthy service for over fifty years. During those years, we have gained much knowledge when it comes to drivers' needs. We do our best to take care of drivers many different vehicular needs. If you need to check your vehicle for car recalls, we will be happy to assist you. Give us a call or stop by our location today.

You may be asking, "What is a recall? Why do they happen?". A car recall is when the vehicle manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) deems that a model of vehicle has a safety-related defect or that it does not follow Federal safety regulations. As a result the vehicle manufacturer will alert owners of the recall, and offer free repairs. It is also important to note that a safety recall does not imply that the entire vehicle will be replaced. More often than not, only the defective part or parts are what will be replaced. If you receive a letter from your vehicle manufacturer about a recall, it will contain:

  • A description of the defect on your vehicle
  • The potential hazard or danger the defect can cause
  • Warning signs of your vehicle having the defect
  • How your manufacturer plans to fix the issue, which should also include
    • When repairs are available
    • How long the repair is likely to take
  • Instructions with how to proceed

At Ewald Automotive Group, we are glad to take care of your vehicle's needs. One easy way to check your vehicle for recalls is with the NHTSA, which you can find by clicking the link.

Safety Recalls Importance

The importance of car recalls may seem obvious but it is still important to understand why. Take the following as an example. Although your vehicle may be on a recall list, this itself does not mean that you are in immediate danger. Seek to have your vehicle or parts recall addressed as soon as possible to maintain optimal safety on the road. Also important to note is that having your vehicle repaired due to a car recall is free of charge. Bring your vehicle and your recall notice letter to an authorized dealership, such as our Milwaukee car dealers.

There are a variety of ways to improve your vehicles' safety on the road. This includes things like getting new tires and oil changes, fresh brake pads, and topping up your vehicles' fluids. A safety recall can prove to be as, if not more, important. Ignoring a parts recall on your vehicle can lead to serious hazards later on when driving. It is wise to have any such car recall addressed and fixed as soon as possible.