What can be damaged in a front end collision?


What can be damaged in a front end collision?

One of the most common reasons customers visit our body shop near you is to repair front-end collision damage. At Ewald's collision center in Waukesha, we have the experience and equipment to make it easy to get your car back on the road. Let's review the components in your car most likely to be damaged by a front-end collision. If you're ever in need of collision repair in Waukesha, the team at Ewald Auto will be ready to restore your car to its full glory. Let's learn more about front-end collision repair near you!


What does front-end damage mean?

Front-end damage affects the front bumper or fascia of the car. Depending on how the collision impacted your car, you could end up with cosmetic or serious damage. Whether you need intensive auto body repair or minor cosmetic repair, Ewald Auto has you covered. Our Waukesha car dealership has the expertise to work on a huge variety of vehicle types. Trust Ewald with your next repair for a smooth and transparent experience. Our factory-certified service team will get your car back to outstanding working condition before you know it. 


Can a front-end collision damage my transmission?

If you've experienced a front-end collision, our body shop near you will check for transmission damage. Often, the impact from a front collision can push in the front end of your vehicle, damaging the engine and transmission. If you have a damaged transmission, you'll need to get it repaired at our collision center in Waukesha. These repairs can be relatively expensive, but they're absolutely necessary.


What should you look for after a front end collision?

After a front-end collision, our body shop near you will check many components for damage. That's because it's often difficult for our collision center in Waukesha to gauge the extent of the damage before repairs begin. Here are some of the most common types of collision repair near you that our customers experience following a front-end collision.

Bumper damage - As your vehicle's first line of defense, bumper damage is an extremely common auto body repair near you. 

Transmission and engine damage - Since these components are located at the front end of your car, they're vulnerable to collision damage.

Frame damage - One of the most serious types of collision repair in Waukesha, frame damage is extremely important to address. If the extent of the damage is too severe, your car could even be impossible to drive safely.

Wheel and hub damage - During a collision, wheels and hubs can easily become bent out of shape. 

Suspension and alignment damage - Damage to the suspension of a car can affect alignment, but our Waukesha car dealership has everything you need for a speedy repair.

Windshield and headlight damage - Auto glass is susceptible to impact from front-end collisions. When you need a reliable collision center in Waukesha, Ewald Auto is here to help.


Visit our body shop near you today for an estimate on your front-end collision repair!


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