Back-to-School Service Checklist


Back-to-School Service Checklist

It's time to head back to school, and for our Watertown, WI car dealer, that means it's time for seasonal maintenance! Our service center near you is fully equipped to maintain or repair your vehicle. Ewald Auto would like to share our back-to-school service checklist. Routine service appointments are essential to keep your car in good working condition. With the help of our service department near you, keeping your vehicle in excellent shape won't be hard! 

1. Check your oil level

When was your last Watertown, WI oil change? Getting an oil change near you is a basic but important maintenance task. If you aren't getting your oil changed often enough, you could irrevocably damage your engine. Replacing an entire engine is a huge expense - spare yourself the trouble by getting a Watertown, WI oil change at Ewald Auto. Our service center near you even offers express oil changes. Even if you're short on time, Ewald can help you get a speedy oil change near you.

2. Check your headlights

Autumn means shorter days and longer nights. That's why checking your headlights is important for seasonal maintenance. Visit our Watertown, WI car dealer to ensure your headlights, turn signals, and brake lights are all working properly. If you have dimmed or burnt bulbs, our service department near you will get you taken care of in a jiffy. This simple auto service near you is essential to safely drive at night.

3. Check brakes, brake pads, and brake line

Brake pads are a wear-and-tear component in a vehicle. This means that your brake pads will regularly need replacing with use. Our Watertown, WI car dealer will inspect your brakes, brake pads, and brake line to ensure everything is working properly. All of the technicians at our service center near you are ASE certified and ready to check out your car's braking system.

4. Check your tires

Tires provide the traction necessary to stop. They're the point of contact between your vehicle and the road. It's pivotal to have enough tread on your tires to handle seasonal road conditions. Our service department near you also includes a robust tire store. If your current tires are in dire need of replacement, our Watertown, WI car dealer has everything you need.

5. Check wiper fluid and wiper condition

Maintaining optimal visibility through adverse seasonal weather is essential. Our service center near you will make sure your wiper fluid levels are sufficient, along with the condition of your wiper blades. You'll be prepared for any weather when your wipers are working correctly!
Maybe you're sending your kid back to college in their car, or perhaps your teenager started driving themselves to school. Whatever the reason, now is the ideal time to think about back-to-school auto maintenance. For excellent auto service near you, visit Ewald Auto!

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